As a photojournalist, I enjoy photographing authentic and raw settings 

and showing a person’s true emotion. Inthis body of work, I am showing the very different atmospheres of energy inlocal bars and taverns. The inspiration 

came from a trip to New Orleans in the summer of 2011. Experiencing the energy in the Deep South 

drove me to seek the same elsewhere.

My goal is to make the viewer feel as 

if they themselves were there, experiencing the mood of each environment. I combine the spatial relationship with color 

to gain an emotion-driven response from viewer. The lack of additive light is intentional to portray a natural setting. Iframe subjects in a way that layers emerge through objects and people. Foreground elements have been considered and taken into account to complement what is occurring in the background. This is to give the audience a different perspective 

of the environment. Throughout the 

entire body of work, a familiar energy resonates through each image.
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